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Business evaluation is the most important and the most topical item today.

Wishing to sell your business or planning to make new investments? Wishing to know the partial (objective) value of your business? We will help you to solve this issue!

Business planning – a universal tool to forecast future, which facilitates development of organization’s aims, ways to achieve these aims, minimization of business risks and team motivation.

Composition of business plan – the first step of your area upon decision-making regarding organization of own business. Composition of business plan is creation of a document for creditors and the basic tool for executors.

Composition of business plan – composition of description of the basic aspects of project implementation, analysis of possible problems and ways of their solution. Composition of business plan for business initiators is a way to carefully analyze the personal ideas, check their reasonability and reality. When composing business plans, we make expert evaluation from the point of view of the real nature of set tasks and aims, optimality of methods to achieve them.

Composition of business plan or business planning is meant to solve the following tasks:

  • detection of capacity and prospectives of development of the future sales market;
  • determination of costs for production of topical products and their ratio to sales prices;
  • creation of system of showings for regular control of state of play.

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