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Audit company „Revidentu firma NM” offers to its clients full accounting support, it means, accounting organization of the company in full or partially.

Implementing accounting, we undertake functions and responsibility of a chief accountant of your organization.

Accounting support of the organization includes the following set of services:

  • representation of all economical operations implemented by the organization and shown in the accounting items;
  • calculation of pay, holiday pay, allowances and other payments; preparation of all documents required for payment of wages;
  • preparation and execution of bank documents;
  • composition of registers of analytical and synthetic accounting;
  • composition of accounting reports and balance sheet;
  • calculation of taxes, completion and submission of declarations to the tax institutions;
  • completion of forms of annual accounting reports;
  • internal reporting.


We undertake verbal and written communication with the State Revenue Service and other bodies on behalf of our client.

We are fully absorbed by the business nuances of our clients; follow the correctness of execution of initial documentation, analyze business plans together and provide consulting regarding tax issues.

The basic privilege of accounting support implemented by the audit company “Revidentu firma NM” is a possibility to receive high-quality accounting support without additional costs. Trusting accounting to professional accountants working in our company, you avoid the necessity of maintaining staff accounting, costs for lease of additional premises, purchase of computers and specialized software.

Thanks to the accounting servicing implemented by the company “Revidentu firma NM”, you do not need to have additional consulting from outside experts and organize special audit inspections. All our employees are highly professional and have rich experience.

We guarantee that accounting in your company will be organized on the highest level. The value of complex accounting servicing depends on the type and specific nature of foreign-economic activity organization’s economical performance, volume of document circulation and documents, number of employees of the company and level of accounting automation.

Making the choice for benefit of accounting support implemented by our audit company, you get a possibility to considerably save time; our specialists have the best experience in solving various problems connected with accounting servicing – we will perform all required procedures quickly and in a qualitative possible way;

audit company „Revidentu firma NM” applies individual approach to each client taking the specific nature of activity into account; we know how to organize accounting of your company;

we guarantee the correctness of representation of economical operations in the accounting basing on the consulting given by our specialists, in case of external and internal inspections; - the company “Revidentu firma NM” implements informative support of the chief accountant and other accounting employees of your organization.


Upon conclusion of accounting servicing agreement with us:

  • In the beginning of each month we accept initial documents from you for the previous month of your company’s work (invoices, bills of lading, bank statements, receipts), using e-mail, personally or by a courier.
  • We process documents, enter them into the database, distribute and systemize by files. We ask questions, clarify details and check the documents and their compliance.
  • We form, create and submit all required reports to the State Revenue Service and other instances.
  • We send an e-mail to you with information about tax amount, pay, reports on debtors/creditors and financial result of performance. Parameters of the required information are stipulated individually with each client.
  • In the end of the month (or the reporting period), we write out an invoice; and you pay it till the beginning of the next month or the reporting period.


Likewise, for example, making a transaction, you may have questions regarding issues of its execution, risks and result. You can always contact us and consult us. All consulting is included into the package of services of our clients and is free. We are glad to help you!


The value of accounting support depends to a large extent on the spent time, which is formed of the number of processed initial documents, number of employees of the company, number of submitted reports, sector of activity and difficulty of transactions, as well as possible risks.

That is why the service value is defined individually for each client.

If you are interested in our offer, write us; and we will calculate an individual price offer to your company.

Online service application

Upon receipt of application, our company’s expert will contact you in the short run.